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Various Artists

If I Were a Carpenter

If I Were a Carpenter Tracks
1. Goodbye To Love
2. Top Of The World
3. Superstar
4. (They Long To Be) Close T
5. For All We Know
6. It's Going To Take Some T
7. Solitaire
8. Hurting Each Other
9. Yesterday Once More
10. Calling Occupants Of Inte
11. Rainy Days And Mondays
12. Let Me Be The One
13. Bless The Beasts And Chil
14. We've Only Just Begun
Various Artists - If I Were a Carpenter

Users's Reviews
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Wrong Superstar
This really should have included Bonnie Bramlett's (also the songs co-writer) soulful recording of Superstar instead of whatever that is on there. The Sonic Youth version sounds like Darth Vader on helium. The standouts here are: Shonen Knife Top of the World, Babes in Toyland Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (a perfect song for Kat), The Cranberries - (They Long to Be) Close to You, 4 Non Blondes Bless the Beasts and Children, Sheryl Crow - Solitaire, Bettie Serveert - For All We Know. If you like any number of those artists this is worth buying.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2005-08-17
10 years old and still goin' strong!
There was a rush of tribute albums in the 90s-after all the "alternative" sound was a money-maker; kitsch was in full glory; and the 70s were BACK.

However, as an actual fan of the Carpenters, I truly enjoy this compilation. I agree with other reviewers that it should be listened to as an album. There are, without a doubt, some weak songs here, but the intro song "Goodbye to Love" flows beautifully into the ending song "We've Only Just Begun"-despair to hope-the very opposite of Karen Carpenter's life!

I bought this CD in my teens (like when it ACTUALLY came out) and I just pulled out tonight to listen to during some painful exam studying. Its hard for me to describe what it is I like so much about this CD, so I'll take it song by song.

American Music Club "Goodbye to Love" With its heavy organ, almost church-like ambience, a very somber take on a pop melody. The male singer almost intones the lyrics rather than sings, adding to the spiritual despair of the track.

Shonen Knife "Top of the World" Then BAM! Next song by the Japanese lady trio Knife takes on the world! Such incredible energy with a bizaree almost country guitar twang, it has a riot mosh pit feel mixed with Beach Boys California vibrations.

Sonic Youth "Superstar" I really prefer this Alt-Gods' take on this song. They extended the song to over 4 minutes (the original sounds like Chipmunks compared to this version). The atmospheric feedback and sonic layers add to the grand feeling of fanaticism and extreme lonliness. One of their best songs.

The Cranberries "Close to You" The Crans play it safe with their version-very light, fluffy, with an almost folk-like vocal thanks to the non-American female lead singer. The crashing drums add some urgency. A tie between this version and the original.

Bettie Serveet "For All We Know" Bettie plays it a little TOO safe on this track. Rather bland, without the change ups and revving guitars she's known for on her own material.

Diswalla "It's going to Take Some Time" UGH! Lets say that I burned this CD-this track would never EVER make it. But other reviewers seem to enjoy it! So to each their own. Yuck.

Sheryl Crow "Solitaire" Crow has a more alto range like Karen did, and her expert guitar playing and re-arrangement is amazing. Crow somehow makes it totally her song-a real sun-soaked Western feel permeates this song-but totally stays true to the melancholy Karen portrayed in the original. Amazing.

Johnette Napoliton "Hurting Each Other" This is probably one of the songs that you are most likely to sing out in cheesy way while driving to a concert. A deep raspy voiced duet, it is almost earnest (like early Dolly Parton), but somehow... it works?

Red Kross "Yesterday Once More" The use of trumpets and vinyl sound effects truly echoes the super-pop feeling of the 70s. I alternate between this one being my favorite...and not. The piano makes the sugary sweetness go down with ease.

Babes in Toyland "Calling Occupants" WOW. It is fitting that an alto voiced female singer that also plays the drum while singing would do this OUT of this world track (no pun intended). I have no idea why the Carpenters did this song in the first place. It is truly unique and bizarre song complete with alien and human dialouge. The heavy drums and creepy wailing guitars flesh out this track-you may find this on repeat for a while to try to understand it. Awesome.

Cracker "Rainy Days and Mondays" Now, Cracker is bland. And so 90s. But here he does good. Nice sweet, swelling arrangements and a beautiful mix of melancholy and fragile hope in his vocals. I find myself singing this while doing dishes?

Matthew Sweet "Let Me Be the One" Now, this song was absolutely perfect for Matthew to perform. He is the epitomy of 90s alterna-rock infused and directly influenced by 70s power pop (like what Lenny Kravitz is to 70s guitar rock). His incredibly sweet smooth voice has an urgency in it with some great guitar change-ups. A great little melody.

4 Non Blondes "Bless the Beasts ..." I really REALLY don't care for this song. BUt I also don't like the original song either and I don't think 4 Non Blondes do anything interesting with it. Blah.

Grant Lee Buffalo "We've ONly Just Begun" This is the kind of song that you wish Elliot Smith could have covered. Or Lou Reed. Either post-modern heartache or tounge-in-cheek earnesty would have been great. BUT this version does the original a GREAT justice. His voice is perfect-and he avoids the wedding/lounge singer potential with grace. A popular wedding song, it is so earnest and beautiful and yet still has that finger snapping 70s swing. Its hope is so overwhelming that my cold heart melts. All I can thing of are happy couples smiling running into a sunset after leaving a ski lodge-yet it works~truly respectful cover.

Posted by Anonymous, on 2004-12-17
Audio arsenic
Calling this mess a tribute to the Carpenters is like calling pop wines a tribute to grapes. What a sick joke. It plays far more like a parody than anything else and should be avoided like the plague.

Trust me -- those giving it high scores in here are those who switched the radio station whenever Karen's voice graced the speakers.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2005-01-12