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The Revels

Intoxica!!! The Best of the Revels

Intoxica!!! The Best of the Revels Tracks
1. Intoxica
2. Sano
3. Monkey Bird [Aka Conga Twist]
4. Church Key
5. Vesuvius
6. It's Party Time
7. Revellion
8. Comanche {the Detoured Theme from the Film the Exiles}
9. Tough Soul
10. Soft Top
11. (Like) Tequila
12. Rampage
13. Good Grief [Alternate Version][#][*]
14. Six Pak [Alternate Version][#][*]
15. Long Board [#]
16. Vesuvius [Alternate Version][#][*]
17. Church Key [Alternate Version][#][*]
18. Good Grief
19. Six Pak
The Revels - Intoxica!!! The Best of the Revels
Intoxica!!! The Best of the Revels Review
Here's the easiest way yet to give Miss Manners a coronary. These inebria-sonic bums carved a special sub-niche from the surf genre- booze rock! It's the most fun you can have without phony proof! A Sundazed reissue.

Users's Reviews
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It's Party Time
The Revels' collection is great musical history; musically it's a bit thin. In any case the group sounds like it's having a great time. That's worth something.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2006-01-03
It's the Revels!
The Revels were an early '60s instrumental rock group. While they were not a surf group, since they pre-dated surf music, they were a big influence on the later surf groups. The Revels' most famous song, "Church Key", became a surf music staple that was covered by countless surf groups. The group had a raunchy saxophone-oriented sound. Their songs really rock! The first 12 tracks on the CD comprise of their ultra-rare album in it's entirety. The rest of the CD features all the other tunes they recorded, plus four alternate takes. Recommended to fans of early instrumental rock.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2005-07-15
Definitely Cool!
While I would not cite them as one of my favorite of the classic surf bands, I enjoy The Revels because they have a raw sound packed with partying and playfulness. Make no mistake, these guys' tunes would be easy to identify if there were to be a mass surf band reunion; they stay away from the melodic, but pump enough sheer energy from their instruments to put a personalized stamp on each track.

Based upon listening to this CD twice, I get the notion these guys played hard, but at the same gtime, played fun. The occasional background and introduction vocals & chuckles (probably best recognized in "Church Key") make this album all the more enjoyable.

If there is any criticism I have of The Revels, it is that the tunes begin to sound repetitious by the end of the CD. That is more of a personal call on my part; I know plenty of people who thrive on listening to steady rhythms, be it jazz or heavy metal or surf guitar. I'm a bit of a sucker for melodies!

That said, this is another great release by Sundazed. I highly recommend any release by Sundazed, as the CDs are accompanied by great liner notes that cover the history of each band, memories of the band members, and great back page stories. Sundazed is fantastic!

Posted by Anonymous, on 2004-01-09