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Remedios Amaya & Vincente Amigo

Me Voy Contigo

Me Voy Contigo Tracks
1. Me Voy Contigo
2. Calle del Olvido
3. Flores Amargas
4. Torre del Viento
5. Amarraita en Tu Pelo
6. Blanca de Sal
7. Dos Torres
8. Turu Turai
9. Tratante de Vara Larga
Remedios Amaya & Vincente Amigo - Me Voy Contigo

Users's Reviews
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Authentic Soul of Spain
This album is truly exciting. It has all the soul and essence that is Flamenco. All the passion that this dance has to offer can be heard in every song. I highly recommend it.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2000-06-10
It is rare that a singer can recreate a Flamenco Cante that has been sung for a century, and bring something new and delightful to it without compromising the deep feeling associated with the form. Selections 1,2,7,8, and 9 (spacious Tangos and Bulerias)are as good as anything that is being created in music today. No one can "shout" from such depths and keep it so musical! Gracias Remedios!
Posted by Anonymous, on 2000-08-01
A superb dish matched by a perfect wine
When selecting albums of flamenco singing, it is always important to see who are the singer's accompanists. The same as an "haute cuisine" meal accompanied by an inappropriate wine, a great singer can be diminished by an ill-suited guitarist or lack-luster percussionists.

This album has a wonderful pairing: The powerful, brandy-laced voice of Remedios Amaya, gypsy "por los cuatro lados" but with the modern touch of her generation, paired with the incomparable stylings of Vicente Amigo. Remedios has one of those voices and styles which can grab you in the guts (and elsewhere as well), constantly reminding you of that "something" that makes flamenco what it is and separates it from all imitations.

For his part, Vicente Amigo is one of the post-Paco de Lucía/Manolo Sanlucar "new school" of guitarists who has managed to make an indelible impression with his own, unique style - and, more remarkably, consistently so. Vicente's first appearance was very auspicious: As a teenager, he appeared on a couple of cuts on Manolo Sanlucar's masterpiece, "Tauromagia," one of those "must-have" flamenco albums. Having played with both Manolo Sanlucar and Paco de Lucía definitely shows, but he has absorbed their art and made it his own. He's one of those rare guitarists, like his maestros of the generation before him, whose style is so unique that one knows who's playing after hearing only a few bars. His playing is a very rare combination of subtlety, nuance, and musical sophistication overlaid and informed by a very flamenco, earthy sensibility - like a great, fluffy Persian cat: The fur is soft and silky, but one is constantly reminded that what lies beneath are some very sharp claws and teeth.

For another excellent pairing, check out "Del Amanecer," the album with the incredible singer José Merce and, again, Vicente Amigo, who produced and composed much of the recording.

Posted by Anonymous, on 2001-05-16

Remedios Amaya & Vincente Amigo