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Feather Float

Feather Float Tracks
1. Be Sure To Loop
2. Oizumio
3. Ina (Kanji)
4. Ah Yeah!
5. Switch On
6. Jackson's Club 'Sunspot'
7. Asozan
8. Baby Bamboo From Nose
9. 1000 Frogs And 3 Sun In A House
10. Ring Ring Lee
11. (Kanji) Ooioo
Ooioo - Feather Float
Feather Float Review
Phrases like "hypnotic" and "trance inducing" are sure to pop up in any OOIOO review, but there are many other seemingly disparate but equally appropriate adjectives--like swirling, noisy, and menacing. It's not surprising that beneath this veneer of womblike ecstasy, Feather Float is disarmingly challenging, especially given that the driving member of OOIOO (pronounced "oh-oh-eye-oh-oh") is Yoshimi, hailing from Japanese noise merchants the Boredoms and Kim Gordon's (Sonic Youth) blistering Free Kitten. But this, their second recording, is more Slits than Sex Pistols, more Ghost (meditative, psychedelic Japanese guitar wizards) than Boredoms. Built on rhythmic and vocal layers, there is a tribal element to OOIOO, as modern looping techniques and ancient drum sounds collide in frenetic Dionysian revelry. And there is wordplay galore to help transport you to the Feather Float world--where the 10-minute panic of "1000 Frogs And" makes sense, and where there is anger and confusion, but it all resolves itself and dissipates into outer space. Feather Float is painstakingly crafted to perfection. --Cyndi Elliott

Users's Reviews
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fascinating blend of early Floyd and Melt Bannana
very interesting CD. Some of the vocals are distracting, but the music is driving modern psychadelia. As I said, think Syd Barrett's Floyd mixed w/ Melt Bannana. I highly recommend.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2003-12-09