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Words From The Genius

Words From The Genius Tracks
1. “Come Do Me”
2. “Phony As You Wanna Be”
3. “True Fresh M.C.”
4. “The Genius Is Slammin’”
5. “Words From The Genius”
6. “Who’s Your Rhymin’ Hero”
7. “Feel The Pain”
8. “Those Were The Days”
9. “Life of a Drug Dealer”
10. “Stop The Nonsense”
11. “Living Foul”
12. “Drama”
13. “Stay Out of Bars”
14. “What Are Silly Girls Made Of”
15. “Superfreak”
16. “Pass the Bone”
17. “Words from A Genius (Prince Rakeem Remix)”
Genius - Words From The Genius
Words From The Genius Review
When the Wu-Tang Clan came out of the gate in late 1993, they brought with them a new style, a style that literally changed the rap game just as Dr. Dre had done a year earlier. But even though it seemed like the Wu came from nowhere, they actually had a rather modest beginning. “Words From the Genius” is that beginning. Originally released in 1991 on the mighty Cold Chillin’ label, the album features the Genius, and to a lesser degree RZA (here known as Prince Rakeem). When you consider Cold Chillin's roster in 1991, most notably Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap, “Words From the Genius” seems to be a perfect fit. Like those two rappers, the Genius merged bravado with the darkside of street life and delivered his street-smart rhymes with muscle. The album, produced by Easy Mo Bee, was heavily influenced by the wishes of its label Cold Chillin‘, who were eager to make it a commercial success. The album, however, was a commercial disappointment; GZA's experience with Cold Chillin’, combined with a similar ordeal for RZA at Tommy Boy, generated a bitterness towards the music industry that would be expressed lyrically throughout his career, and would ultimately provide the impetus for the Wu-Tang Clan's revolutionary ruthless business strategy. This official Cold Chillin / Traffic Ent. reissue includes two rare bonus cuts: the very dope “Pass the Bone” and the “Words from A Genius (Prince Rakeem Remix)”, both produced by the RZA. Get a hold of this album and see where it all began...

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