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Billy Joe Shaver

Tramp on Your Street

Tramp on Your Street Tracks
1. Heart of Texas
2. Oklahoma Wind
3. Georgia on a Fast Train
4. Live Forever
5. If I Give My Soul
6. Tramp on Your Street
7. K. A. N. D., Corsicana, Texas
8. Good 'Ol U.S.A.
9. The Hottest Thing in Town
10. When the Fallen Angels Fly
11. Take a Chance on Romance
12. Old Chunk of Coal
13. I Want Some More followed by Tenntex Tear Down
Billy Joe Shaver - Tramp on Your Street
Tramp on Your Street Review
Billy Joe Shaver has never had a hit of his own, but he's written plenty of hits for others (John Anderson's "Old Chunk of Coal," Tom T. Hall's "Old Five and Dimers," Bobby Bare's "Ride Me Down Easy"), and he's credited for launching the "Outlaw Country" movement by writing every song but one on Waylon Jennings's 1973 album, Honky Tonk Heroes. Shaver's own albums, though, are highly prized among critics and his fellow musicians, and both those camps celebrated the release of only his second album in 11 years, 1996's Tramp on Your Street. Waylon Jennings helps out his old pal on the autobiographical "Heart of Texas" and on "Oklahoma Wind," which manages to evoke the tragedy of the American Indian without getting all sentimental. Brother Phelps adds hillbilly harmonies to two songs. Best of all is the title song, a true story about a 10-year-old Billy Joe Shaver walking 10 miles to hear Hank Williams sing at the Wonder Bread bakery in Corsicana, Texas. The song blossoms, however, into a universal anthem about the importance of culture to the poorest and most desperate among us. --Geoffrey Himes

Users's Reviews
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Billy Joe proves Nashville can be forgotten
I have 3 Billy Joe Shaver cds. All of them are excellent. Why, in the later years of Billy Joe's life, does Nashville exclude the real purveyors of country music from its pantheon of stars? I'll never know. This cd starts with the help of Waylon Jennings and you can see why Waylon borrowed heavily from the Billy Joe songbook. Waylon's deeper voice makes these tunes shine, but it is the songs themselves that are already diamonds. Waylon just put the luster on a polished stone.
Eddie Shaver is a great guitarist. He will be missed. This boy could chops some wood! And he has great taste in not overdoing any of these numbers. He should have been a a studio mainstay in Nashville, instead he is dead.
His father is the master behind all of this. What a great songwriter and even a good singer and muscian. If you are country music fan, please get this cd and find out what Nashville had either forgotten or doesn't know about.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2005-09-06
i finally caught Billy's fast train 2 Georgia
i originally bought this album when it first came out. "CD Review" picked as album of the month. i guess i was pressed for time. i sampled it too quickly, then it got gobbled up by the rest of my collection.

last summer, i re-discovered it for the first time.

it never leaves my car. i play it at least twice a week. now i want the rest of the Shaver catalog, ASAP!

"Georgia on a Fast Train" gets the 'repeat' treatment, often. perfection! 'nuff said.

every mood, every chord, is struck on this attention-grabbing disc. if there's a weak track from this session, they left it on the studio floor. if you like involving music, country or otherwise, grab this wonderful treat with both hands!

Posted by Anonymous, on 2000-03-11
The REAL outlaw
It's well documented that Billy Joe Shaver wrote nine songs (including the title track) from Waylon Jennings' 1973 album Honky Tonk Heroes. Shaver's songwriting is in the very top bracket - he's written some of the most memorable, hardest-hitting country songs in the history of the music. As a solo artist or as frontman for his group, he has failed to reach great heights of commercial success; partly because he doesn't fit the image required to make it big in the Billboard country chart, and also because great though his songs are, they can't all be termed radio-friendly. Let's forget the pursuit of fame (which was never a priority for Shaver anyway) and concentrate on his music: uncomromising rock-edged country blues, vocals spat out with equal parts venom and humour and the startling guitar work of Billy Joe's son Eddy, who tragically passed away in December 2000, the victim of the temptations that the life of a no-frills travelling band will provide. Tramp On Your Street was Billy Joe's return to recording in the early 90s and he wisely mixed some of his own classics including I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal and Georgia On A Fast Train, hits for John Anderson and Johnny Cash respectively, with equally resonant new songs, standout tracks being rocking The Hottest Thing In Town and the beautiful ballad Live Forever. Shaver continued to record throughout the 90s and into the 2000s until Eddy Shaver's death; Billy Joe is touring with Kinky Friedman at the time of this review. Let's hope that his son's death doesn't prematurely end the recording career of the greatest of the original 70s outlaws.
Posted by Anonymous, on 2001-08-12